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Roller chain structure

Jul 12, 2019
According to the structure, it can be divided into roller chain and tooth chain, among which roller chain is the most widely used.
If the chain wear does not exceed the limit, then a group of chains can be removed and adjusted to the appropriate tightness, but this will happen in practice; if a group of chains is not too long, a…
Appearance inspection of chain
Sprockets should be installed on axles without skewing or swinging
Whether the chain is installed correctly or not directly affects the quality of the chain drive and the service life of the chain. So how to install the chain correctly
Problems often encountered in maintenance of equipment chains in steel mills

Forged Scraper Chain

Jun 18, 2019
In order to provide the forged chain with higher wearing resistance, all the alloy steel link plates are heat treated or surface carburized.
Lubricating grease with low viscosity or dropping point around 70 degrees is also suitable for manual lubrication. In some special occasions, liquefied grease is used for spraying.

Maintenance of chain

Jun 13, 2019
Sprockets should be installed on axles without skewing or swinging. In the same transmission component, the end faces of two sprockets should be located in the same plane.
Chains are usually metal rings or rings, which are mostly used for mechanical transmission and traction. Chains used to obstruct traffic passages (e.g. in streets, rivers or harbour entrances), chain…
GIDI CHAIN LIMITED supply heavy duty cranked chain.And we have stock for these chains. Like 2010,2512,2814,3315,3618,4020,4824,5628,WG781,and WG103.The chains usually used in steel factory.
Conveyor chain is used in conveyor equipment or system.And there are some A1 attachment,A2 attachment or K2 attachment on the conveyor chain. It is fixed with the equipment and chain together.

Forged Scraper Chain

Mar 15, 2019
Forged scraper chain is widely used in kinds of industries.GIDI CHAIN LIMITED supply forged scraper chain. The main pitch is P125,P160 and P200 ect.Follow photo is one of forged scraper chains for v…