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Latex Gloves Chain

The conveyor line for Natural Rubber Gloves is very longer (can reach to 1300 meter). The chain need to run through many ovens (180 ℃). The quality of chain are very important for the conveyor line. It need run smoothly, resist fatigue and wear-resisting.

We have started to produce conveyor chain for rubber glove industry since 2010 and is the member of China Rubber Industry Association.

We are committed to produce high performance latex glove chain, enhance the efficiency and stability of the production line of gloves, and strive to reduce the cost of the user.
RG100D:Pitch 100 X 29 X 60/48.
RG100DH:100 X 29 X 60/48
RG110D:100 X 29 X 60/48

Lubrication: It is very important for the chain and can increase the working life of chain at least double.It is very important to choose a suitable grease and lubrication way.

Application:  Rubber glove production line.