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Stainless Steel Chain

Stainless steel roller chain with 304SUS or 316SUS material, is especially suitable with anti-corrosion、clean or some chemicals strictly required conditions and high and low temperature conditions. Stainless steel roller chain is main field of application for food industry,chemical industry,and water treatment industry and so on.
European Standard Stainless Steel Roller Chains
1.  BS/DIN Standard Stainless Steel Ultra Miniature Chains: 03BSS,04BSS
2.  BS/DIN Standard Short Pitch Stainless Steel Roller Chains:05BSS-32BSS
3.  BS/DIN Standard Short Pitch Stainless Attachment Chains:06BSS-32BSS
4.  BS/DIN Straight Linkplate Stainless Roller Chains:C08BSS-C32BSS
5.  BS/DIN Double Pitch Stainless Steel Transmission Roller Chains: 208BSS-232BLSS
6.  BS/DIN Double Pitch Stainless Steel Conveyor Roller Chains: C208BSS-C224BLSS
7.  Stainless Steel Anti Backbend Chains for Ventilation System: KSA,KSC,KSL,KSM
8.  Stainless Steel Film Binding Chain

American Standard Stainless Steel Roller Chains
1.  ANSI Standard Stainless Steel Micro Pitch Chains: 11SS,15SS
2.  ANSI Short Pitch Stainless Steel Roller Chains: 25SS-160SS
3.  ANSI Short Pitch Stainless Steel Attachment Chains: 25SS-160SS
4.  ANSI Straight Linkplate Stainless Steel Roller Chains: C35S-C160SS
5.  ANSI Heavy Duty Stainless Steel Roller Chains: 40HSS-240HSS
6.  ANSI Double Pith Stainless Steel Transmission Roller Chains: A2040SS-A2162HSS
7.  ANSI Double Pitch Stainless Steel Conveyor Roller Chains: C2040SS-C2122HSS
8.  ANSI Double Pitch Conveyor Attachment Chains: C2040SS-C2122HSS
9.  Short Pitch Stainless Steel Hollow Pin Chains: 08BHPSS-12BHPSS,40HPSS-80HPSS
10. Double Pitch Stainless Steel Hollow Pin Chains: C2040HPSS-C2082HPSS
11. Large Pitch Stainless Steel Hollow Pin Chains: MC,EC,ZC,FVH Series
12. Large Pitch Stainless Steel Solid Pin Conveyor Chain: ISO,BS,DIN or JIS
13. ANSI Stainless Steel Side Bow Chains: 08BSBSS-12BSBSS,35SBSS-80SBSS
14. ANSI Adapted Stainless Steel Chains: 40SS Sticker,40ss Tent
15. ANSI Engineering Plastic Chains: 40PC-60PC
16. ANSI Poly Stainless Steel Chains: 25PS-60PS
17. One Piece Stainless Steel Table Top Chains (Flat Top Chains, Slat Band Chains): SS815,SS881,SS881T
18. Two Piece Stainless Steel Table Top Chains:SS884,SS1684,SS1874
19. Stainless Steel Silent Chains (only 3/16" stainless steel silent chain)
20. Stainless Steel Leaf Chains (both AL and BL/LH stainless steel leaf chain)

In the form,we have listed the techinical data for the main specification.

HAIN NO.PitchWidthRollerPlatePinMax

The difference between carbon steel chain and stainless steel chain 

1. Difference in color: Stainless steel contains more chromium and nickel metal, and the color of appearance is mostly silver bright color. Carbon steel is mainly carbon and iron alloy, other metal elements are less, the main color of the appearance is the color of iron.

2. The grain is different: stainless steel contains more other metal elements, the surface is smooth. Carbon steel contains more iron carbon, there is the essence of iron, the surface is not smooth stainless steel.

3. Magnetic different: carbon steel surface with magnetic, can be attracted by a magnet. Stainless steel is not magnetic under normal circumstances, will not be magnetized. The degree is not high occasions. In addition, due to its corrosion resistance, it can also be used in some special environments. Stainless steel chain is made of stainless steel. Therefore, its strength is much higher compared with ordinary chains because it is determined by the material.



Although both stainless steel chains and carbon steel chains belong to the category of chains, there is a big difference between them by nature. Stainless steel chain and galvanized chain, these two are also very different and cannot be equated. In addition, for galvanized chains, the process of galvanizing should be appropriate so as to avoid problems in use.

Stainless steel chain, mainly used to transmit power. Therefore, it can be said to be a common and commonly used power transmission device. In addition, if the double curve arc design is used, it can reduce the friction, so it can be used for the difference between carbon steel chain plate and stainless steel chain when the required power is relatively large and the running speed is high.