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Power Transmission Chain

Power Transmission Chain is used for driving engine,sprocket or other machines. It is a key part of machine.
We offers many adapted and specials for thousands of transmission applications including:
Small and large pitch (4mm up to 320mm) chain
Adapted Transmission Chain
Hollow bearing pin chain
Bushing chain
We use high quality materials and heat-treated to ensure wear life.
These chains are used in various industries.
Power Transmission Chain description:
1.Standards: ISO /DIN /ANSI
2.Model: 04b-1,05b-1,06b-1,08b-1m10b-1,12b-1,16b-1,20b-1,24b-1,28b-1,32b-1,40b-1m48b-1,56b-1,64b-1-,72b-1
               05B-2,06B-2,08B-2, 10B-2,12B-2,16B-2,20B-2,24B-2,28B-2,32B-2,40B-2,48B-2,56B-2,64B-2,72B-2
3.Materials:Carbon steel 40Mn,40Cr,stainless steel
4.All parts are heat treatment(quenching and tempering) and controlled in a reasonable tolerance range.
5.Tensile strength:15-20% higher than the standard
6.Certificate of Quality: ISO 9001:2015,
7.Centreless grinding.
8.Good lubrication with excellent grease.
9.Color:self,dark yellow,dark blue,black

Product NameRoller chains and bush chains
MaterialCarbon steel,stainless steel
Colorself,dark yellow,dark blue,black
tandardISO /DIN /ANSI 
Surfaceheat treatment
Used industry machinery,motor


Power Transmission Chain

From industry standard  to custom machined Power Transmission Chains – we offer professional advice on selecting the right part for your needs. We source the best Power Transmission Chain selection and offer the most practical sourcing solutions at competitive prices. Whether you are looking for a replacement or need new power transmission chains, our stock is diverse in application and size. 

A power transmission chain can be identified by a series of two or more connected mechanical components used to transmit power or materials from one location to another.

There is a wide range of chains that are used, depending on the application, the operating environment and the physical stresses, forces and demands.

Supplier of Power Transmission Chain

Power transmission chains we supply:

  •  Industrial Roller Chain

  •  Pintle Chain

  •  Engineered Class Chain

  •  Self-Lube Roller Chain

  •  Corrosion Resistant Chain

  •  Attachment Chain

  •  Conveyor Chain

  •  Engineered Class Chain

  •  Forged Chain

  •  Leaf Chain

  •  Riveted Roller Chain

  •  Stainless Steel Riveted Roller Chain

  •  Double Pitch Roller Chain

  •  Hollow Pin Chain

  •  Side Bow Chain

  •  Silent Chain