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Car Parking Chain faults and solutions

2022-08-25 15:16:05

                                                            Car Parking Chain faults and solutions

The Car Parking Chain shall be regularly maintained to achieve the best use effect and prolong the service life. Let's share some common Car Parking Chain & sprocket failures of the three-dimensional garage for reference in the later maintenance of the three-dimensional garage!

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1. Front chain shake of chain sprocket

Solution: most of the reasons for this problem are that the chain is too loose, the load is too large, or one or more chain links are not flexible. In this case, it is necessary to install a chain tensioner or adjust the center distance, and reduce the load if possible.

2. Poor coordination of chain and sprocket, chain skipping, tooth skipping, tooth gnawing, etc

Solution: the chain may be worn and the pitch may be extended. There is no good way. Replace the chain and sprocket. We have better ways to discuss and add.
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3. Chain tension

Solution: the tension of the chain is related to the sagging distance of the loose edge of the chain. For horizontal and inclined drives with adjustable center distance, the sag of the loose edge of the chain shall be about 2% of the center distance. If the center line is vertically driven or subject to vibration load, the reverse drive shall make the chain more tight.

4. Excessive noise during chain operation

Solution: the cause of excessive noise is that the sprocket chain is not coplanar; The chain is too loose or too tight; Insufficient lubrication; Chain and sprocket wear; Or the chain pitch is too large. The solution is to check the parallelism of the front and rear axles and the coplanarity of the sprocket and correct it. Adjust the center distance and tensioning device to obtain proper tightness and ensure lubrication to the workpiece.

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