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Steel Pintle Chain

Steel pintle chain is recommended as conveyor chain for a wide range of applications such as spreaders, feeder systems, hay handling equipment and spray box, and in limited use, as power transmission chain.  These chains can be applied in the smudgy environment. The main specification includes 662,667H,667X,667HX,667K,667J,88K,88C.  And a wide selection of attachments for steel pintle chains are also available to meet specific working purposes.

Pintle Chain Sizes

  Chain  no.Pitch  Width
     Per Meter
mmMm Mm mmmmmmmm   KN/LB KN Km/m
66242.27 22.97.1941.244.218.8 3.237.80/859141.51.63
667H58.75 25.4 7.9443.746.722.23.242.30/961446.51.87
667X57.15 26.611.1050.
667XH57.15 27.411.9158. 
667K 57.1527.411.1055.560.
667J 57.1526.69.5350.
88K 66.2727.411.1055.560.
88C 66.2731.412.7064.669.028.96.4133.36/30309146.65.17

Steel Pintle Chain

The steel pintle chain is ideally suited for a wide range of applications such as salt, sand, and fertilizer spreaders, hay handling and other similar conveying systems.  The open barrel construction minimizes pin surface contact within the barrel, eliminating seizing due to corrosion.  It also eliminates material build up in the barrel and sprocket root for a smoother operation and long life.

Steel Pintle Chain

  • 10ft Rolls10ft Rolls

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Pintle Chain Attachments

Many types of pintle chain attachments are available for the majority of the sizes we handle. Due to the wide range of attachments, and variations we offer pintle attachment chain on a per-quote basis. Contact us with your detailed request to receive a quote. We also specialize in custom pintle chain assemblies for OEM & aftermarket customers.

Pintle Chain Uses & Applications

These chains are predominantly used in the Agricultural industry, but can be found in other industries.

  • Hay Elevators

  • Manure Spreaders

  • Feeding Machines

  • Fertilizer Spreaders

  • Salt Spreaders

  • And more....

Direction Of Travel

Unlike traditional roller chains, the pintle chain is designed to only run in one direction, which is illustrated in the image below.

pintle chain direction of travel diagram