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Palm Oil Mill Chain

Palm oil mill chain is also reffered as palm oil mill chain. It is widely used for palm oil industry.
Palm oil chain is a kind of conveyor chain applied to conveying materials in the production of palm oil. In palm oil process line,a chain needs to have good tensile strength and abrasion resistance for sale and efficient production. The most common chains for palm oil process line are palm oil conveyor chain,and palm oil hollow pin conveyor chain.

As a professional palm oil chain manufacturer,we carries out detailed material selecting,precision machining,special heat treatment,precision assembling and pre-lubricating for the production of our palm oil chain. As a result,our palm oil chain has good precision,durability,abrasion resistance,and can fulfill high-efficiency conveyance of materials.



  Chain  no.Pitch                  Roller  Diameter         Width Between Inner platePin Diameter         Pin Length         Plate depthPlate thickness         Ultimate Tensile StrengthAverage Tensile StrengthWeight Per  Meter
pD1 MaxB1 minD2 MaxL MaxLc maxH2         TQ MinQ0         q         
mmmmmm         mm         mmmmmmmmKN/LB         KN         Km/m
P101.6F2101.6         47.618.
F152F14152.4         47.6         18.2
F152F17152.4         66.725.427.067.588.550.88.0163.3/36000179.6012.83
P152F29152.4         66.725.427.069.5111.550.89.0/8.0200/45000220.0013.54         
90R-S         101.647.621.411.32-----55.731.84.880.36/1807088.405.90
P101.6F64         101.650.830.014.50-----
P76.7         76.729.030.014.50-----
P152F31         152.488.938.131.80-----98.561.010.0266.72/60000293.0026.60