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Spike Chain

Spike chain is the roller chain with tine. The main specification is 40FSS spike and 50SS ST. And others we can manufacture as per customer's darwing or sample.

 CHAIN NO.PitchWidthRollerPlatePinMax. Allowable
40FSS SPIKE1/2"12.7007.947.9212.0017.401.501.503.9616.40450.72
50SS ST5/8"15.8759.5310.1614.8016.902.002.005.0620.25701.07

spike chain.jpg

About Stainless Steel Spike Chain

Spike chain also referred to as sticker chain, is manufactured of SUS304 material for great corrosion and chemical resistance. 

The chain is non-toxic and can be applied in high and low temperature.

It is commonly used to convey plastic film in packaging machines or used in the poultry industry to convey through a processing machine. 

Spike chain can be combined with different kinds of attachments and customized design at request to meet the specific deigns or applications.



  • SUS304 stainless steel material

  • Non-toxic

  • Wide range of temperature application

  • Carbon steel material available

  • Corrosion and chemical resistance

  • Can be combined with different kinds of attachments 

  • Custom design 


Carbon steel spike chains are also available.

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