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Precautions For Glove Line Chain Storage

2022-10-16 14:07:36

                                                   Precautions for glove line chain storage

1. Keep away from wet and cold environment
Excessive wet and cold storage environment will cause air oxidation of the chain sprocket of the glove line. If it is stored in an excessive wet and cold environment for a long time, the glove line chain may also be rusted, which will cause certain harm to the quality of the goods.

2. Keep away from high temperature
Another key common problem in the storage of glove line chains is to stay away from the environment where the temperature is too high or the light source is too strong. In this kind of environment, the chain sprocket will expand with heat and contract with cold. A long time will increase the volume of the chain, which will cause the change of the chain specification, thus endangering the application of the commodity. In addition, the long-term high temperature environment will change the characteristics of the raw materials of the chain, This is also very harmful for the middle and late application of the chain, which may cause tooth loss.
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3. Keep away from perishable environment
If there is organic chemical corrosion in the storage environment of the glove line chain, the damage to the glove line chain is fatal. If it is corroded for a long time, it will cause problems in the use of the chain, and it will also cause harm to the mind and body of the actual operators.

These are the precautions GIDI CHAIN introduced to you about the storage of glove line chains,GIDI CHAIN specializes in the production of gloves assembly line chain, latex gloves line chain, rubber gloves line chain and other chains.

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