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The function of suspension conveyor chain in fully automatic spray molding assembly line

2023-05-23 16:27:18

Suspension chain is the abbreviation for suspension conveyor chain. The suspension conveyor chain uses ball bearings as the chain wheels, and the guide wheels are made of 16Mn material through deep processing. Able to turn and climb freely, and adapt to various geographical conditions. This conveyor line is mainly used for air distribution of materials in the workshop, with commonly used chain pitch of 150, 200, 206, 240, 250, 300 (mm), etc. The main structure is made of carbon steel. The hanging conveyor chain can freely choose the conveying route, effectively utilize space, save manpower, and improve work efficiency. It is mainly composed of components such as chains, tracks, lifting tools, brackets, transmission seats, and adjustment seats. Adopting a variable frequency speed control system. Widely suitable for long-distance transportation of workpieces, floor lifting, aerial storage, feeding and other processes, as well as automated coating production lines.

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The fully automatic spray molding assembly line equipment is currently the main product in the coating market. The components of the fully automatic spray molding assembly line equipment include pre-treatment equipment, powder system, oven, heating system, electrical control system, suspended conveyor chain, etc. It is suitable for spray treatment of workpiece surface. The full-automatic plastic spraying assembly line is mainly used for painting of single batch or a small number of batches of workpiece, forming transportation operations together with transport machinery such as suspension conveyor, electric car, ground conveyor, etc.

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Suspension conveyor chain

Hangers are transportation systems for industrial assembly lines and coating lines, and cumulative hangers are suitable for warehouse shelves with L=10-14M and alloy steel pipe coating lines for special-shaped street lights. The workpiece is installed on a dedicated lathe (with a load of 500-600 kilograms), with smooth entry and exit. The fork is opened electrically according to the work order, meeting the automatic transportation of the workpiece at each processing site. The Jiangleng room is stacked in parallel for cooling in the lower area, and lock recognition and traction alarm shutdown devices are installed in the Jiangleng area. This type of loading conveyor has the advantages of low cost (about one-third of similar domestic products), significant weight, and space saving.

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The fully automatic spray molding assembly line equipment is suitable for powder spraying treatment on the surface of workpieces, and is mostly used for painting single or small amounts of workpieces. It forms transportation operations together with transportation machinery such as conveyors, rail cars, and ground conveyors.

Whether it is customized design or production level, fully automatic spray molding assembly line equipment has a good reputation. With the passage of time, various aspects of experience have accumulated, and the quality of spraying equipment produced is getting better and better.

The application of loose chain suspension on painting lines is receiving increasing attention. Promoted production efficiency and significantly increased the company's output. At the same time, in the production process, enterprises are increasingly paying attention to environmental protection, taking a big step on the future path of China's paint industry.

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Precautions when using a fully automatic spray molding assembly line

Firstly, based on the actual requirements of the spraying production line (such as the size, shape, daily output, etc. of the spraying elephant workpiece), choose a suitable electrostatic spraying process plan.

Secondly, based on the selected plan, calculate and list the equipment and materials that need to be purchased and manufactured.

In addition to the above preventive measures, we also have preventive measures for fully automatic spray molding assembly lines in other aspects. The following technical data may be required:

1. Pretreatment (degreasing, rust removal, phosphating, etc.) process and technical information.

2. Manufacturing materials, drawings, and main accessories for powder recycling paint booth.

3. Materials, drawings, and main accessories for electric heating, coal heating, fuel heating, and gas heating curing furnaces.

4. The shortcomings of spray were analyzed, and the solutions were proposed.

5. Workshop program spraying line (can be pasted in the electrostatic spraying workshop).

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