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4 Lubrication Modes of Industrial Chain

2022-09-07 17:45:27

                                                    4 lubrication modes of industrial chain drive

The chain lubrication mode is determined by the speed of the chain and the selected chain specification. They are the minimum requirements for lubrication. It is acceptable to use a higher lubrication method and may be more advantageous (for example, use mode 3 instead of mode 2). Different lubrication methods may lead to different degrees of changes in the service life of the chain drive. The better the lubrication, the longer the life of the chain. For this reason, it is very important to use the following recommended lubrication methods.

Method 1: use oil pot or oil brush for regular lubrication manually

When the chain drive is running, add oil with an oil brush or oil pot at least every 8 hours. The amount and frequency of refueling shall be sufficient to prevent overheating at the dumpling chain of the chain and pollution caused by lubricant.

Mode 2: oil dripping lubrication

The oil is directly dropped between the chain plates by the oil dropping device, and the amount and frequency of oil dropping shall effectively prevent the pollution caused by lubricant at the dumpling chain of the chain. Measures must be taken to prevent oil droplets from deviating from the direction due to the action of air flow.

Mode 3: oil bath or oil pan oil throwing lubrication

For oil bath lubrication, the bottom side of the chain drive passes through the oil pool under the chain box when the chain side is driven. The position of the oil surface should reach the pitch line of the lowest point of the chain during operation.

The oil pan throws oil for lubrication. When the chain runs above the oil level, the oil pan immersed in the oil tank throws up the oil and splashes it onto the chain. Usually, an oil pool for oil loss lubrication is set on the chain box. The diameter of the oil pan should enable the oil pan to generate a minimum linear velocity of 0.2 M / s and a maximum linear velocity of 20 m / s at the edge.

Mode 4: forced lubrication by oil pump

A continuous oil flow is usually provided by a circulation pump. The lubricating oil shall be sprayed directly and evenly in the chain loop and across the loose edge of the whole chain width.

When the lubricant to be used is different from the recommended lubricant, consult the chain manufacturer.

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