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Escalator Step Chain

Escalator step chain is a key component in the escalator.It is widely used in super market and subway station.

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What is Escalator Step Chain? 

Escalator step chains are chain systems composed of multiple links that are installed on escalator. They serve the purpose of connecting and propelling the steps, allowing passengers to ascend or descend along the escalator's tracks. These chains are critical components for ensuring the safe and smooth operation of escalators. Escalators play an indispensable role in modern urban life, providing efficient and convenient vertical transportation. Among the key components of escalator, the escalator step chain holds a vital position as it connects and propels the steps. This article aims to provide an in-depth understanding of escalator step chains, their role, material composition, manufacturing techniques, production processes, and the advantages and disadvantages associated with them.

Function: The primary function of escalator step chains is to transmit driving force and support the weight of passengers. Powered by the escalator's drive system, typically an electric motor, the chains transfer power to propel the steps upwards or downwards. Simultaneously, the chain bears the weight of passengers during the escalator's ascent and descent, ensuring a comfortable and safe ride.

Material Composition: Escalator step chains are typically made from high-strength steel to ensure sufficient strength and durability. Steel exhibits excellent mechanical properties and wear resistance, enabling it to withstand high loads and frequent usage. Additionally, the surface of the chains is often treated to enhance corrosion resistance and prolong their service life.