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How to choose the double speed chain when making the chain assembly line

2022-07-03 11:03:10

                                                How to choose the double speed chain when making the chain assembly line

Among the categories of electronic and electrical production lines, the double speed chain assembly line has gradually stood out in the positioning of medium and large-scale products and 3C electronic products. The price is not expensive, and it has the effect of semi automation. It is widely used in electronic assembly industry.

In the whole production process of double speed chain line, there is a crucial link, that is, the selection of double speed chain line chain. Whether the right chain can be selected directly affects the operation efficiency of the whole speed doubling chain line in the later stage. The selection steps of double speed chain line can be divided into the following steps:
double speed chain.jpg

Double speed chain

1. Confirmation of service conditions

Please confirm whether the selected model meets the following conditions.

Temperature: -10 ℃ ~+80 ℃

Chain speed: 5~15m/min

Mechanical length: less than 15m

Environment: no harmful effects such as abrasive dust, corrosive gas, high humidity, etc

2. Determination of chain

Calculate the weight per meter of the conveyor, and select the one that meets the following table

Chain with allowable load weight.


Wa: weight per meter of conveyor (KGF)

W1: workpiece weight (KGF)

W2: pallet weight (KGF)

Pl: moving distance of pallet (m)

3. Confirmation of allowable tension


T: Maximum tension acting on the chain (KN)

L1: length of conveyor (m)

L2: length of detention part (m)

Hw: weight of conveyor including conveyor tray (kg/m)

Aw: weight of the conveyor including the tray with retention part (kg/m)

Cw: chain weight (kg/m)

Fa: friction coefficient between conveyor and chain with retention

Fc: friction coefficient between chain and slide rail

Fr: friction coefficient between chain and slide rail with retention

G: Gravitational acceleration =9.80665 (m/s2)

Gravity conveyors generally use two chains in parallel,

Calculate the tension of each chain.

Allowable tension of chain ≥ (tmk1mk2) /2

If the allowable tension of the chain is exceeded, please change the chain to a larger size,

Or recalculate after dividing the mechanical length

When you choose the double speed chain, if the product is heavy, you can choose the steel chain. If it is light, you can choose the plastic wheel chain. Be sure to calculate the load, otherwise there will be various problems such as speed doubling chain fracture and wear-resistant strip grinding.

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