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The chain board conveyor produced by regular manufacturers shall be marked with the maximum wear-resistant lifting capacity, production number date and other parameters in obvious places, which are t…
The conveyor chain is specially used for the flat top conveyor. Although it is a simple chain, the complex operation environment and less turning radius can damage and deform the chain.
Four points for attention of non-standard chain surface painting
If it is not a chain, it will not work well, so the chain is very important. Now, chain products include non-standard chain, scraper chain, roller chain, and other products.
For the development of the conveyor chain structure and the demand of the conveyor chain, there are differences between pulley and chain, non-standard chain.
The use environment of the industrial engineering chain is generally not very good, so if you want to have a long service life, it is very important to maintain it.
When we purchase or replace the drive chain, we should first know the length of the chain, which is the measurement of the replaced chain.
What degree of plate conveyor chain is used can be regarded as scrap, and the chain will be replaced at this time.
When the industrial conveying chain is in operation for a period of time, or when it is in commissioning, it often feels loose or tight.
The principle is to meet the high surface hardness, wear resistance, plasticity at both ends, fatigue strength and other aspects, so as to meet the needs of practical use.
energy saving and emission reduction has increased the production pressure of high energy consumption and high pollution non-standard chain wholesale, on the other hand, it is constantly promoting ma…
​Roller chain is also a kind of chain used to transmit mechanical power. It is a simple, reliable and efficient power transmission device. Tooth chain is an important part of the conveyor line. As …
What should be done when using new industrial conveyor chains to update old chains?
Industrial conveyor chain in long-term use, because of some reasons may cause wear and tear, why wear and tear, what measures to prevent wear and tear, the corresponding solutions are provided to you.
Lubricants play a very important role in the industrial engineering chain, the main one is lubrication, in addition to lubrication, of course, there are other roles, such as oxidation resistance.
Chain transport transport transport, slowly may have errors, although not very large, but over time, its transmission will still have some errors, how the error is produced, the process of chain tran…
In the process of using the conveyor chain, there will also be some minor problems, so what are the main causes of these problems, depending on the specific problems.
Plate conveyor chains​ should be regularly overhauled and maintained, so as to prevent problems, then for the plate conveyor chains, there are also some matters needing attention in overhaul
If the chain such as bending plate chain is not used for a long time, we should pay attention to storage, so as to prevent the chain from rusting or damage, then for the storage of bending plate chai…
Engineering chains are generally metal, there are many kinds of metal materials used, such as stainless steel is a commonly used one,
Common chains include transmission chains, conveying chains, easy-to-disassemble chains, plate chains, special chains and so on. Each of them has different uses in their respective fields.
The material of the parts is stainless steel, which is suitable for use in food industry, chemical and pharmaceutical erosion situations, as well as in high and low temperature situations.