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Complete list of chain specifications and dimensions

2023-05-17 18:18:25

Most chains have been listed as international standards, developed country national standards, or Chinese national standards, and the chain number identification of these chains is not difficult to find from the standards. However, in international trade exchanges, chain enterprise chain numbers from countries such as the United States, Japan, Germany, Italy, and Belgium are often popular, leaving our chain entrepreneurs at a loss and helpless. Therefore, the author provides some guidance on this, which may be slightly beneficial for those engaged in chain trade.

The chain specifications and sizes are divided into four types based on different purposes and functions: transmission chain, conveyor chain, traction chain, and specialized special chain.

1.1 The transmission chain is mainly used for transmitting power.

1.2 The conveyor chain is mainly used for conveying materials.

1.3 The traction chain is mainly used for pulling and lifting chains.

1.4 Specialized special chains are mainly used for chains with special functions and structures on specialized mechanical devices.

In similar products, the chain product series is divided based on the basic structure of the chain, which includes the shape of the components, the parts and positions that mesh with the chain, and the size ratio between the parts.

Chains of the same variety are classified into different specifications based on pitch, number of rows, chain width, and ultimate tensile load.

1、 Chain specifications with prefix

(1) RS series chain specifications

Straight plate roller chain R-Roller S-Straight, for example: RS40, namely 08A roller chain

(2) RO series chain specifications

Bending roller chain R-Roller O-Offset For example, R O60 is 12A bending chain


roller chain size chat.png

(3) RF series chain specifications

Straight edge roller chain R-Roller F-Fair For example, RF80 is 16A straight edge roller chain

(4) SC series chain specifications

Toothed Chain (Silent Chain) S-Silent C-Chain from ANSI B29.2M Toothed Chain and Sprocket Standard

For example, SC3 or CL06 toothed chain with a pitch of 9.525

(5) C-series chain specifications


For example: C2040 or 08A double pitch conveyor chain C2040 SL SL Small roller Small roller C2060L L-Large roller Large roller

CA650 C-Conveyor A-Agriculture, agricultural machinery conveyor chain small roller type Smali roller type large roller type

double pitch conveyor chain.jpg

chain size chat1.png

Large roller type

(6) L series chain specifications

L-Leaf chain

For example, AL422 is an A-type plate chain with a pitch of 12.7 and a combination of 2 × 2. The American chain was cancelled in 1975

BL546, also known as B-type plate chain, with a pitch of 15.875, combination 4 × US chain number LH0822, also known as BL422, H-Heavy heavy ISO chain number LL1044, L-Light light light ISO chain number

(7) M series chain specifications

Metric chain M-Metric measure

For example, the M20 roller chain with an inner width of 1530mm has 7 metric pitches.

(8) W series chain specifications

Welding chain W-Welded

For example, W78 is a welded chain with a pitch of 66mm, WH is a narrow series, and WD is a wide type

(9) Hy Vo series chain specifications

Hy Heavy duty, High Speed Vo Involute

(10) PIV series chain specifications

Toothed chain continuously variable speed chain

(11) ST series chain specifications

Escalator step chain ST Step chain, for example: 131, namely pitch 131.33 step roller chain

(12) PT series chain specifications

P-Passenger T-Step chain

(13) MR series chain specifications

Malleable iron roller chain

(14) TOP series chain specifications

Flat top chains, such as:

TT type, TT635 ordinary flat top chain, Flat noodles width 63.5 TS type, TS550 steel roller chain with flat top, Flat noodles width 55.0

TP type, TP762 flat top plate is polyformaldehyde resin, base chain is bent chain, Flat noodles width is 76.2 TTup type, TTup1143 roof plate is polyformaldehyde resin, pin shaft is stainless steel, Flat noodles width is 114.3 TNu type, TNu826 polyformaldehyde resin roof plate, Flat noodles width is 82.6

(15) Super Series Chain Specifications

Super chain, such as Super80, is a 16A roller chain with excellent strength, wear resistance and fatigue

(16) US Series Chain Specifications

US Ultra Super

For example, the US100 is a 20A super roller chain with a grade speed of more than 50 meters/minute.

2、 Chain specifications with suffix

(1) H-series chain specifications

Heavy duty roller chain H-Heavy, for example: CSBH, namely 08B reinforcing chain

(2) HP series chain specifications

Hollow pin chain H-Hollow P-Pin, for example: 40HP, 08A hollow pin roller chain

(3) SS series chain specifications

Stainless steel chain S1 Stainless steel S2 Steel, for example: 60SS, 12A stainless steel roller chain

(4) NP series chain specifications

Nickel plated chain N-Nickel P-Piated, for example: 80NP, 16A galvanized 05B roller chain

(5) ZP series chain specifications

Galvanized chain Z-Zinc P-Plated, for example: 05BZP, galvanized 05B roller chain

(6) SB series chain specifications

S-Side B-Bow; It also means powder metallurgy sleeve chain S-Sintered B-Bushing, for example: 10A-ISB means 10A single row side bending roller chain, 40SB means 08A self-lubricating chain

(7) CU series chain specifications

Same as SB series, CU Curved, for example: 50CU, 10A side bending roller chain

(8) C-series chain specifications

Cotter pin connected roller chain C-Cotter

For example, 2040C, i.e. 08A double pitch drive roller chain, is looped with cotter pin

(9) R series chain specifications

Roller chain with rivet head ring connection R-Riveted

For example, 2060R is a 12A double pitch roller chain. Cotter pins or circlips are used at the links, and the rest are riveted.

(10) MO series chain specifications

M-Maintenance free O-O Ring chain

For example, 428MO or 4280 type sealing ring motorcycle chain

(11) W Series Chain Specifications Double Speed Chain

C2050W, also known as 10A double pitch double speed conveyor chain, is numbered by KANA in Japan

(12) WR series chain specifications

WR-Wrench chain, for example: 50WR with a pitch of 15.875

3、 Chain specifications using Chinese Pinyin

(1) BS series chain specifications

Double speed chain B - Bei S - Su

For example: BS25-- C210A, i.e. C2050W, 10A double pitch double speed chain

1684318536413212.jpg   double pitch conveyor chain1.jpg

chain size chat2.png

(2) LT series chain specifications

Vertical garage chain L - Li T - Ti

For example, 16ALT-2, also known as 16A double row three-dimensional garage chain

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