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Forged Chain

X-Style Drop Forged Rivetless Chains are built for overhead conveyor and other special applications; the prefix "X" designates a design proportioned to flex transversely on a shorter radius, the side bars are made with a mid-pitch panel that strengthens the sidebar and prevents material from falling through the ink. Related chain products and accessories available are trolleys, side-link pushers, drive dog and caterpillar dog chain. The main size includes X348,X458,X678.

CHAIN NO.PitchDimensionAverage UltimateStrengthkgfApprox Weight 

About Drop Forged Rivetless Chain:

X-style drop forged rivetless chain, also called drop forged trolley chain, is designed to flex transversely on shorter radius and can be assembled and disassembled without the tool for easy installation and maintenance. 

The outer links have consisted of panels to increase strength of sidebars and the special pitch prevents materials from falling off the links.

Drop forged rivetless chains are commonly used for overhead conveyors, trolleys, automobile industry, meat processing industry, assembly lines, etc.

They can be assembled and applied with related chains products and accessories including trolleys, side-link pushers, drive dog, and caterpillar dog chain.

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  • Small turning radius provide maximum flexibility.

  • All parts are forged with alloy steel and go through high-quality heat treatment for the highest durability.

  • All parts are shot peened to increase fatigue strength.

  • Related chains products and accessories

  • Ideal option for trolley conveyors