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What is the sprocket?

2021-12-24 10:30:59

Sprocket is a kind of wheel with cogged chain teeth, which is used to mesh with the block with accurate pitch on the link or cable. Sprocket is widely used in chemical industry, textile machinery, escalator, wood processing, three-dimensional parking garage, agricultural machinery, food processing, instrumentation, petroleum and other industries.

As a new gear product, the transmission speed of sprocket is high. In its specific application process, because it has the advantage of high speed, the noise generated is very small, which is also conducive to the realization of a good processing environment. In its application, the sprocket not only has high installation accuracy, but also has ideal machining accuracy, which saves a lot of trouble for future maintenance. Moreover, the advantages of compact sprocket structure make it have large transmission ratio and high service life.

The sprocket tooth shape must ensure that the chain can enter and exit the meshing smoothly and freely, minimize the impact and contact stress of the chain link during meshing, and be easy to process. The material shall ensure that the gear teeth have sufficient strength and wear resistance. Carbon steel and alloy steel are commonly used, and the tooth surface is subject to heat treatment. During operation, the small sprocket teeth participate in meshing more times than the large sprocket, with serious wear and impact. Therefore, the material of the small sprocket should be good and the tooth surface hardness should be high.

STI sprocket teeth are subject to high-frequency quenching treatment, with hardness up to HRC 42 ~ 45 , and the surface of STI sprocket is also subject to high-temperature oil immersion and rust prevention treatment. Our sprocket is made of carbon steel, which makes the sprocket strong, wear-resistant, impact resistant and stable.

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