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What is the application of chain conveyor in food industry?

2020-05-27 14:15:01

In recent years, there are many emerging industries in the society. The emergence of these industries has brought effective help to many industries. The emergence of chain conveyor manufacturers has provided help to many industries, especially the food industry. I believe you all know that there are many food industries in China. They widely use automated assembly lines, which not only saves time and effort, but also improves work efficiency.

Due to the different transportation systems in the production industry, the assembly line will be able to carry out continuous and repeated movements efficiently in the production operation because of its strong transportation capacity and long transportation distance, and also has a strong rhythm in the operation process. There are usually various types of conveyors put into production line. They can adapt to a wider range of application needs, especially the production environment of food, medicine, beverage and other industries, and the requirements for all aspects of the equipment are constantly improving, especially in terms of reliability and production efficiency. Various composite plastic bearing blocks play an increasingly important role in the traditional metal bearing block category.


The roller of chain conveyor has the characteristics of compact structure. During the production operation, the operation efficiency of the roller will be relatively high. During the production operation, the noise is very low and the service life is long. The roller also has the advantages of stable operation, reliable operation and good sealing. This kind of conveyor also has the characteristics of saving space and convenient installation. When selecting equipment, it needs to select the specifications of the equipment according to the size of the production site of the food enterprise.


Roller is the driving force of conveyor and elevator. It is widely used in food, metallurgy, chemical industry, coal, building materials, transportation and other production and construction industries.


The chain conveyor is distinguished according to the operation form, and the roller is the most indispensable part of the equipment. In terms of production technology, the roller is also made according to seamless steel pipe, of course, different production methods will be available for different use needs, so the production mode of such equipment is very flexible.

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