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What are the causes of compact chain fracture

2020-08-26 09:51:37

The compact chain is usually a metal link or ring, which is mostly used for mechanical transmission and traction. A chain used to obstruct the passage of traffic (as at the entrance of a street, a river, or a harbor); a chain used for mechanical transmission.

Cause analysis of compact chain fracture:

1. The chain is suddenly stuck during operation. It may be that there is dislocation at the opposite end of the chute, and the scraper, chain and link are hung; or because the roof of the roadway is not high enough and the head is high, when large coal or gangue is transported to the head, it is stuck between the scraper and the roof, causing impact on the chain and breaking.

2. If the chain is too tight, it not only increases the initial tension of the chain and shortens its service life, but also has no buffer space when the chain is stuck, which increases the tension load of the chain and is more likely to fracture.

3. Because the chain is too loose, seriously worn, or the length of the two chains is different. When it is transported to the sprocket, tooth jumping occurs, so that the chain link of the sprocket is impacted by the sprocket tooth, resulting in deformation and fracture of the chain link.

4. Overload operation: when the coal transportation capacity is too large, the motor is started under the overload condition, which increases the dynamic tension of the chain and causes the chain to fracture.

5. Because of the different link pitch of the two chains, the load is biased on a certain chain, which causes the chain to run overload and cause chain break accident.

6. The chain is broken due to the loss of the connecting ring screw of the chain link and the disconnection of the link.

7. The deformed chain link is often replaced in time, which causes chain breakage due to poor meshing and uneven stress during operation.

8. The uneven floor of the roadway in the working face leads to the uneven stress on the scraper chain scraping groove, which causes the scraper chain to break.

9. The scraper has a large amount of coal return, which causes the bottom chain to be overloaded and fractured.

10. Chain break caused by mine water corrosion and wear.

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