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Types, structures, lubricants and failure modes of chain

2020-08-19 09:21:13

In mechanical equipment, chain is one of the important parts of transmission. It has the characteristics of stable transmission, simple maintenance and strong adaptability. However, there are many kinds of it. Different types and structures have some subtle differences, and the parts adding lubricant are also different.


Types of chain

With the continuous expansion of the application field, the classification of chain is more and more. According to the structure, it can be divided into plate chain, roller chain, scraper chain, ring chain, etc.; according to the use, it can be divided into engineering chain, lifting chain, transmission chain, conveying chain, agricultural machinery chain, etc.


Chain structure

Generally speaking, the components of the chain include roller, chain plate, pin shaft and sleeve. However, there are some differences in different chain structures. For example, some will install a guide shaft on the chain plate, and some will install a scraper or even a roller on the chain plate.


Lubrication part of chain

Generally, the parts of the chain that need to be lubricated mainly include sprocket, roller, pin shaft and sleeve, but also need to be divided into different types of chain.


Failure forms of chain

It is natural that the chain will wear and lose efficacy after using for a long time. Generally, the following conditions will indicate the chain failure: pitch growth, chain bite, pin shaft fracture, sprocket or tooth fracture.

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