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Transmission principle and application range of chain guide

2020-09-15 15:12:40

Chain guide, also known as chain guide, is a kind of hydrostatic guide, which is used to support and guide the chain, reduce chain friction, reduce noise, and enhance the service life of the chain.

Chain guide: groove or ridge made of metal or other materials, which can bear, fix, guide and reduce friction of moving device or equipment. A longitudinal groove or ridge on the surface of a chain guide for guiding and fixing machine parts, special equipment, instruments, etc. Guide rail, also known as slide rail, linear guide rail and linear slide rail, is used in linear reciprocating motion occasions. It has higher rated load than linear bearing, and can bear certain torque. It can realize high-precision linear motion under high load.

The chain cannot jump out of the chain guide. Even if there is a local slot hopping chain in the process of moving, the chain will not be blocked outside the guide groove, and it can easily return to the guide rail automatically, avoiding further chain tooth shedding phenomenon.

Transmission principle of chain guide rail:

Chain supporting bar, chain supporting rail, chain guide rail, plastic guide rail and lining strip. The chain guide rail is also called chain guide piece. It is a kind of static pressure guide rail, which is used to support and guide the chain, reduce the chain friction, reduce the noise and enhance the service life of the chain. There are many kinds of linings, including direct embedded type and flat plate type with different width and thickness. It is widely used in chain conveying equipment to support and guide the chain to prevent the chain from falling off and jamming during long-distance transportation.

Features and application scope of high wear-resistant chain guide:

With high wear resistance, self lubrication, temperature resistance, high precision, stable, quiet, environmental protection, can contact with food and other characteristics. Chain guide is suitable for food machinery, printing equipment, binding linkage line, medical machinery, painting equipment and other industries. The chain guide has anti-corrosion property. The chain guide rail adopts the catalyst low-pressure synthesis method, and the molecular weight is controlled above 1.5-3 million according to the needs, and the molecular weight of Meifu brand chain guide is more than 8 million. Considering the thermal degradation of molecules in the process of chain guide rail processing, high-density polyethylene with viscosity average molecular weight greater than 1.7 million can be processed into various products with better performance.

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