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Transmission Chain structure & categories

2019-06-13 08:59:22

Chains are usually metal rings or rings, which are mostly used for mechanical transmission and traction. Chains used to obstruct traffic passages (e.g. in streets, rivers or harbour entrances), chains for mechanical transmission.

1. Chains include four series: transmission chain; conveyor chain; zipper chain; special professional chain.

2. A series of chain rings or rings, often metal: chains used to obstruct traffic passages (e.g. in streets, rivers or harbour entrances); chains used for mechanical transmission;

3. Chains can be divided into short-pitch precision roller chains ; short-pitch precision roller chains; bending plate roller chains for heavy-duty transmission; cement machinery chains, plate chains; high-strength chains.



In the same kind of products, according to the basic structure of the chain, that is, according to the shape of the components, the parts and parts meshing with the chain, the size ratio of the parts and so on, the chain product series is divided. There are many kinds of chains, but their basic structure is only the following, the others are these kinds of deformation. We can see from the above several chain structures that most of the chains are composed of chain plates, chain pins, axle sleeves and other components. Other types of chains only make different changes to the chains according to different needs. Some are equipped with scrapers on the chains, some are equipped with guide bearings on the chains, and some are equipped with rollers on the chains. These are all modifications for different applications.


Basic categories

Chains can be divided into transmission chain, conveyor chain, traction chain and special chain according to their different uses and functions.

1. Drive chain: mainly used for power transmission chain.

2. Conveyor chain: Mainly used for conveying material chain.

3. Traction chain: Mainly used for pulling and lifting chains.

4. Special Chains: Chains with special functions and structures mainly used in special mechanical devices.

Classification by feature

Roller Chain

Conveyor Chain

Power Transmission Chain

Double Pitch Chain

Driving Chain

Engineering Chain

Industrial Chain

Double Plus Chain/Accumulation Chain

Hoisting Chain

Hollow Pin Chain

Heavy-duty chain

Straight Plate Chain

Welded Steel Chain

Forged Chain

Scraper Chain

Extended Pin Chain

Spike Chain

Sharp Top Chain

Leaf Chain

Steel Pintle Chain

Side Bow Chain

Self-Luberication Chain

Special Chain

·  Classification by field of application

Palm Oil Mill Chain

Sugar Mill Chain

Mine and Metallurgy Chain

Water Treatment Chain/Sewage Treatment Chain

Grain Machine Chain

Food Packing Chain

Material Handling Chain

Tobacco Chain

Lumber Conveyor Chain

Flat Top Chain

Car Parking Chain

Bottle Washer Chain

Cement Chain(Bucket Elevator Chain)

Paver Chain

Automobile Production Line Chain

Cold Drawing Machine Chain

Gripper Chain

Escalator Step Chain

Latex Gloves Chain

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