Three Reasons for Overtightening Chains

2019-08-09 14:19:09

(1) Do not know the maintenance knowledge and adjust it by yourself, and tighten the chain by mistake. This is a vague concept, only know that chain adjustment is the category of maintenance, do not know how to adjust is the correct standard.


(2) Because of the serious wear and tear of the chains, but time or economy is not allowed, or the same type of chains can not be bought locally at that time, the chains will be tightened to maintain the driving of the vehicle.


(3) When replacing the main gear disc of the chain, the eccentric gear disc is mistakenly mounted on the motorcycle, which causes the chain to be tightened and loosened. When checking and adjusting, one end of the chain is loosened and the other end is too tight. No matter which of the above causes causes the chain to adjust too tightly, it will greatly reduce the service life of the chain and the gear disc. When the chain is adjusted too tightly, the contact pressure with the gear disc increases, the chain is easy to stretch, the link plate is easy to deform or break, and the roller of the chain will be broken. In addition, the disc will wear and tear prematurely so that the tooth deforms sharply and becomes serrated in severe cases.

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