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There are scars on the surface of chains used in metallurgical industry

2020-07-29 11:17:33

Many customers have called to ask why there are scars on the surface of the chain used in metallurgical industry after using for a period of time. Is it inferior quality or inferior product? In fact, it is not. Let me tell you what this is about.


These scars are generally on the surface, which are one or more pits with irregular shape and color. The probability of scar occurrence of steel, low alloy steel and high strength steel is higher than that of ordinary carbon steel. There are usually two reasons:


1. In the process of using the chain for metallurgical industry, when the steel slag is serious, it can form dense and firmly adhere to the blank area table. Steel slag is the accumulation of billet metal flow in the cutting process, which is blown away by the wind, but overflows along the incision and forms an accumulation in the blank at one end of the table. Cause analysis of slag on the table area: improvement of low pressure oxygen purity, improper or fluctuating cutting life; later, expansion; different types of steel, cross-section plate chain conveyor, cutting trolley speed setting is incorrect, and cutting effect deterioration.


2. Generally, the main reason for the scar on the surface of the chain used in metallurgical industry is that the scale of the chain is not timely and effectively. Two shaft type continuous casting billet deburring machine chain cutting, by photoelectric detection board position, automatic landing control rotary file deburring machine, hammer head and tail billet continuous casting. Burr cleaning is not clean, and then in the rolling process, the damage of the chain, scar.

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