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The stability and friction resistance of high wear-resistant chain guide rail are incomparable with similar products

2020-05-07 16:45:48

A groove or ridge made of metal or other materials for high wear-resistant chain guide, which can bear, fix, guide mobile devices or equipment and reduce their friction. The longitudinal groove or ridge on the surface of high wear-resistant chain guide rail is used for guiding and fixing machine parts, special equipment, instruments, etc. The guide rail, also known as slide rail, linear guide rail and linear slide rail, is used in the situation of linear reciprocating motion. The chain guide rail has a higher rated load than the linear bearing, and can bear a certain torque at the same time, which can achieve high-precision linear motion under the condition of high load. The application of chain guide rail in our daily life is also very common, such as the slide of sliding door, the slide of the upper part of the curtain and the rail of the train. The chain guide rail can also be used on any machine or equipment requiring sliding, if any, for elevator guide rail.


Features of high wear-resistant chain guide: high wear-resistant, temperature resistant, precise, stable, silent, environmental protection and other high-precision chain guide. It adopts 5 million ultra-high molecular weight wear-resistant and temperature resistant engineering plastics "s" and "S1000" materials, which are economical and pollution-free.


1. Small wear and friction resistance


2. Self lubricating (without any lubricating oil), impact resistant


3. Use temperature range - 200 ~ + 80 ℃, with shock absorption effect


4. The chain guide rail is not easy to be damped in humid environment and has high chemical resistance