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The engineering chain of stainless steel metal should also be maintained

2019-09-23 13:59:18

Engineering chains are generally metal, there are many kinds of metal materials used, such as stainless steel is a commonly used one, here we want to say that stainless steel metal engineering chains also need to be maintained, otherwise it may rust, why do we say so, we will explain the reasons in detail below.


The phenomenon that metal engineering chains are destroyed by the erosion of medium (such as air or atmosphere, water or various acid, alkali and salt solutions) is called corrosiveness of metals. The ability of metals to resist the corrosion of surrounding media is called the corrosion resistance of metals, also called the chemical properties of metals. Corrosion resistance of metals is related to many factors, such as chemical composition, processing properties, heat treatment conditions, microstructure, medium and temperature conditions of metals.


Stainless steel is widely used in heavy industry, light industry, household goods industry and building decoration industry because of its excellent corrosion resistance, formability, compatibility and toughness in a wide temperature range.


So as long as it is a metal engineering chain, it should be maintained regularly. Even if it is a stainless steel engineering chain, do not think that it will not rust and be used at will. In fact, otherwise, the above reasons tell you that the engineering chain should be maintained and maintained regularly, so as to prolong its service life.


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