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Steps to evaluate the chain quality of cold drawing machine

2020-06-18 10:25:29

After the chain of the cold drawing machine is cleaned and oiled, turn the tooth plate slowly. The chain links pulled out from the back should be able to be straightened. If some of the chain links still keep a certain angle, it means that they are not smooth and belong to a dead knot, which should be adjusted. If there is any damaged chain link, it must be replaced in time. It is recommended to strictly distinguish three types of pin shafts and use the connecting pin shafts to maintain the cold drawing machine chain of Shimano. Pay attention to levelness when using the chain beater, so as not to make the thimble crooked easily. Careful use of tools can not only protect the tools, but also achieve good results. Otherwise, tools are easy to be damaged. Damaged tools are more likely to damage parts, which is a vicious cycle. Steps to identify the chain quality of the cold drawing machine:


1. Distinguishing the quality of cold drawing machine chain from its appearance


First, check whether the chain of the cold drawing machine is deformed, and whether there are cracks, rust and other problems. In addition, check whether the pins, rollers and joint number parts are normal, whether they are loose, deformed and worn The condition of the seam is also to check whether the chain will make other sounds when it is used, or present abnormal vibration condition, and to ensure that the chain has good smoothness.


2. Accurate measurement of chain length of cold drawing machine


Before measurement, first clean the chain, then enclose the chain to be measured on two sprockets, so that it can have better support. During the measurement, a certain load shall be borne on the stainless steel chain so that the chain can have a good tension. When the chain is used in the chain wheel, it shall ensure that it can have a good tooth coordination effect, and measure the center distance between the two chain wheels.


3. Measure the elongation of the chain of the cold drawing machine


In order to understand and determine the clearance above the cold drawing machine chain, it is necessary to apply a certain pulling tension to the chain to stop the measurement. In order to ensure that the measurement time error is less, it is necessary to stop the measurement at the appropriate position according to the practical situation, and then extreme the elongation length.

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