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Several Common Forms of Failure of Conveyor Chain

2019-07-29 14:28:18

Conveyor chain industry chain is the most used chain, many chain manufacturers are starting from the main production of conveyor chain, because the demand for conveyor chain is very large. Conveying chains are generally used on conveying equipment, such as food conveying machinery, fertilizer conveying equipment, mining machine chains and so on.


The wear and tear of the chain are common in the process of using. Generally, the wear and tear of the chain occurs more often. Wear is generally due to long-term use of the chain, improper operation in the use process, the use of steel chain material is inferior.


The slight wear of the chain will not cause great damage to the chain. Without replacing the chain, the chain can be reversed so that the worn side can be oriented towards the sprocket. If both sides of the chain are worn out, it can only be replaced.


In addition to wear and tear, chains often break. Fracture usually occurs due to improper use of chains. For example, if the chain is loaded with excessive material, the chain will break beyond the load of the chain. Also, in the process of use, the chain keeps running, so that the chain can not rest, the chain will break.


Maintenance of the chain is very important for the service life of the chain. It is necessary to lubricate the chain regularly to clean up dirt. The use environment of the chain is also critical to the service life of the chain. Generally, stainless steel chain, galvanized chain and nickel-plated chain are better for corrosive occasions, outdoors and so on.

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