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Main Causes of Corrosion of Special Chains

2019-10-11 10:59:17

Because of the working environment used in the special chain, there will be some corrosion naturally. So what are the main reasons for the corrosion of the special chain, mainly including the following points.


1. Special chains in the production process did not strictly comply with the requirements of the chain parts in the process of processing and after installation of product chains for anti-rust treatment.


2. The quality of rust-proof lubricants and clean kerosene used can not meet the requirements of technological requirements.


3. Because the price of chain steel is gradually decreasing, then the raw material for forming chain steel is gradually declining. For example, the high content of non-metallic impurities in steel and the deviation of metallographic arrangement, etc. The raw material of chain steel used by production companies for production chain is poor.


4. The environment condition of the special chain production company is poor, the content of harmful substances in the air is high, and the switching place is too small, so it is difficult to carry out useful anti-rust treatment. In addition, the hot weather, production workers violate anti-rust regulations and other scenes exist.


These are the reasons that we will cause the special chain to be corroded, so we can also refer to the above when choosing to purchase, select the special chain manufacturers with exquisite craft gold, good materials and good factory environment.


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