Inspection of Upgrading and Conveying Chain in Building Material Industry

2019-08-05 16:32:11

Chains are widely used in building materials, coal mines, metallurgy and other fields. They play the role of upgrading and conveying. They are the core components of conveying equipment. In the complex working environment of conveying limestone, slag and clinker, the whole conveying part of any chain may be out of track and unable to work normally, which not only affects health. It may also cause casualties. Xiaobian has witnessed such accidents, which are often caused by the promotion of a building material industry and the sudden rupture of the conveyor chain or connection. Xiaobian has been engaged in the inspection and management of cement equipment. Here we introduce the application and inspection of the chain.


First of all, the operator should be clear that the allowable wear value of the lifting and conveying chain in the building materials industry is limited, generally speaking, it can not be higher than 10% of the diameter of the ring chain bar. Secondly, it depends on the degree of distortion of the main ring of the building materials industry and the conveying chain. If it is more than 10 degrees, it will be scrapped. Of course, this should start from the plane on which the main ring is not bent. If the lifting chain of the building materials industry is used for a long time, cracks and bending will appear. If it can not be removed after elimination, it can not be used again, which is regarded as scrap.


These reasons sometimes arise when the maintenance work is not done well in peacetime. In fact, no matter what kind of chain is used, such as industrial chain, agricultural machinery chain, mechanical chain, etc., if the maintenance work is not done well in peacetime, the phenomenon of scrapping will appear.


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