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Importance of chain guide rail in industrial production

2022-01-04 09:58:47

The chain guide rail, also known as cushion strip and friction strip, greatly reduces the hard friction between the conveyor belt and the frame, and effectively prolongs the service life of the conveyor mesh belt. There are many kinds of liners, including direct embedded and many flat types with different width and thickness. It is widely used in chain conveying equipment to support and guide the chain, so as to prevent the chain from falling off and clamping teeth during long-distance conveying.

Chain guide rail is a device made of metal or other materials, which can bear, fix and guide mobile devices or equipment and reduce their friction. Longitudinal groove or ridge on the surface of chain guide rail, which is used to guide and fix machine parts, special equipment, instruments, etc.

The function of chain guide rail is to guide and fix the support in a straight line, reduce wear, reduce noise and delay service life. It is made of ultra-high molecular weight polyethylene. The chain guide rail has self-lubricating property, high wear resistance, low sliding friction coefficient, strong impact resistance and compressive stability, meets the requirements of food hygiene, low noise and insulation. The chain guide rail is trusted by the manufacturing industry of all product material packaging, canning and transmission machines.

The above content is an introduction to the importance of chain guide rail. Chain guide rail is widely used in machinery, food processing, textile, medical treatment, electronic appliances, packaging and transportation, which can reduce energy consumption, low noise, improve productivity and increase chain life. Therefore, chain guide rail plays an important role and has obvious social and economic benefits.

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