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How to store bent chain when not in use

2019-09-27 13:57:42

If the chain such as bending plate chain is not used for a long time, we should pay attention to storage, so as to prevent the chain from rusting or damage, then for the storage of bending plate chain, where is the better place to store, what is the particular storage? Here are some references about bending plate chain.


First point: Avoid putting it in a wet place, because the bending chain  belongs to metal, and it is easy to oxidize in the wet place. Whether it is ready for sale or for use, it will affect the quality of the bending chain, which will have an impact on the use or sales.


Second point: do not mention that the bending plate chain is stored in the place where the temperature is too high or the strong light is directly illuminated. If it is placed in the place where the temperature is too high or directly illuminated by the strong light, the chain sprocket will expand and shrink. After a long time, the volume of the product will increase, and it will not meet the required size requirements, which will affect it. Application of products.


Third point: Bend chain should be stored away from chemical corrosives. If the bent chain is stored in a chemical corrosive environment for a long time, the chain will be easily corroded and the application of products will be affected.


The storage of the bend chain is very necessary. If we do not pay attention to the storage, the use of the bend chain will be affected, so we should pay attention to the storage of the bend chain.

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