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How to select the type of chain guide?

2020-09-23 09:58:57

For the chain guide rail, now the mechanical industry has been applied in various fields. In fact, when the development of engineering plastics was not mature, the chains of many automatic production lines were equipped with aluminum guide rails, because the ordinary plastics at that time could not bear load and wear resistance. However, the coordination of aluminum guide rails and chains would produce many problems, such as loud noise, non wear resistance, damage to the chain, unstable operation, etc. Now the chain guide made of engineering plastics has been widely used because of its unique advantages such as wear resistance, good sliding performance and self lubrication. The plastic chain guide rail and the chain will not damage the chain, and the chain has the function of buffer and shock absorption protection.

The chain guide rail is mainly used with the chain to support and guide. Many people also call it wear-resistant bar and chain guide bar. The guide rail is made of ultra-high molecular weight polyethylene with a molecular weight of 5 million. It has good wear resistance, sliding property, shock absorption, non adhesion and other excellent properties, and has a long service life. There are many types of chain guide rail according to the application requirements of different occasions, such as T type, CT type, Tu type, CTU type, TS type, CTS type, U type, Cu type, K type, CK type, CKG type, etc. customers can choose the appropriate type according to different working conditions.

The selection of chain guide rail is relatively simple. First, select the appropriate type according to the working conditions; then determine the specific model according to the model of the chain. In this process, the use standard of the chain should be considered, because there are two standards for the chain: British standard and American Standard, and the chain guide rail is also relative to the two standards; finally, if the quantity is confirmed, the length of the standard guide rail is 2m / piece, and the specific quantity is confirmed according to the length of the production line General production line is the standard rail splicing. Of course, if you need special customization, you can even choose different engineering plastics and guide rail shapes according to the working conditions. These are all OK. Just inform GIDI chain of your requirements, and we will customize them for you.

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