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How to prevent chain relaxation?

2019-07-22 15:41:19

Our chains will become loose or even disjointed in the case of long-term use and excessive wear and tear, so how to prevent such problems?


First of all, in order to prevent chain wear and tear, we should improve the tension of the chain. In order to reduce its wear and tightening, we can choose chains with better quality, so as to improve the processing accuracy of gears and the hardness of working face.


Secondly, when installing the chain, it should be installed in parallel with the chain shaft and correctly proofread, so as to effectively reduce the chain wear, otherwise the chain and the chain axis will deviate, and worsen the chain wear. To improve the tightness of the chain, we can change the thousand gold screw from two to four, which makes the operation more convenient and improves the safety of the chain operation.


Maintenance method of chain:

1. Don't put the chain in a damp place, which can easily cause rust and corrosion of the chain.

2. Don't place the chain house in high temperature and direct sunlight, which will cause the chain to deform.

3. Keep away from chemical corrosives.

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