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How to install rubbeAppearance inspection of chain

2019-07-03 09:17:52

1. Is the inner/outer chain deformed, cracked and embroidered?

2. Whether the pin is deformed or rotated or embroidered

3. Whether the roller is cracked, damaged or over-worn

4. Is the joint loose and deformed?

5. Whether there is abnormal noise or vibration during operation, and whether the lubrication condition of the chain is good or not.


Inspection methods

The accuracy of chain length should be measured according to the following requirements:

1. Measuring front chain cleaned

2. The measured chain should be surrounded by two sprockets, and the upper and lower sides of the measured chain should be supported.

3. The chain before measurement should stay for 1 minute under the condition of applying one third and minimum ultimate tensile load.

4. When measuring, the specified measuring load should be applied on the chain to make the upper and lower chains tense and the chains in the sprockets ensure normal tooth engagement.

5. Measuring the Center Distance of Two Sprockets


Measure chain elongation:

1. In order to remove the gap of the whole chain, it is necessary to measure the tension on the chain to some extent.

2. When measuring, in order to minimize errors, measure at 6-10 knots.


3. Measure the inner and outer dimensions of L1 and L2 between the rollers of knots in order to find the judgment size L=(L1+L2)/2.

4. Find out the elongation of the chain. This value is in contrast with the use limit value of the chain elongation of the preceding item.

Chain structure: It consists of inner and outer chains. It consists of five parts: inner chain plate, outer chain plate, pin shaft, sleeve and roller. The quality of chain depends on pin shaft and sleeve.

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