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How to install and adjust the double speed chain conveyor?

2022-03-03 14:41:01

Belt conveyors are transported by friction driven rollers. Belt conveyor has the advantages of large transportation capacity, simple structure, convenient maintenance, standardized components and so on. It is widely used in mining, metallurgy, coal and other industries. It can be used to transport loose materials or parts. According to the requirements of transportation technology, it can be transported with other transportation equipment through a single, multiple parts or horizontal or inclined transportation system to meet the needs of different types of operation lines.

(1) The diameter of the drum and the two sides of the drum are inconsistent, which makes the belt deviate from one side of the large-scale operation process.

(2) Due to the poor installation of the supporting device, both sides of the conveyor belt are not in the same horizontal plane, and the running speed of the conveyor belt is high.

(3) The tension on both sides of the conveyor belt is inconsistent, and the operation tends to be tight.

(4) When the conveyor belt is running, the drum or drum is not in the same vertical section in the running direction. In the process of running, on the back of the conveyor belt, the conveyor belt deviates from the back of the conveyor belt.

2. Correction method

(1) Roller bearing set adjustment

When adjusting the idle position, adjust the deviation. This side faces the conveyor belt, and the specific adjustment method for the roller conveyor will promote the backward movement of which side or other side of the roller.

(2) Install the centring roller set

The adjustable drum group, such as conical drum and vertical drum, can be used for a short time in the total length of the conveyor belt and is not suitable for long conveyor belt, because the use of the intermediate drum group will affect the service life of the conveyor belt.

(3) Adjust the position of the drive drum and the steering drum

The installation position of the drive drum must be perpendicular to the center line of the belt running direction. If the deviation is too large, it will produce deviation. If the conveyor belt deviates from the right side of the drum, move the bearing seat on the right side forward and the bearing seat on the left side forward. The adjustment mode of the tail drum is completely opposite to the driving part, as shown in Figure 1.

(4) Adjust tension

When using a hammer, the upper part of the tension is perpendicular to the longitudinal direction of the conveyor belt, perpendicular to the other two deflection pulleys and perpendicular to gravity. When using spiral tension or tension cylinder, the two tension roller bearing boxes shall be switched at the same time to ensure that they are perpendicular to the longitudinal direction of the conveyor drum shaft.

(5) Blanking position of transfer point

In the case of limited space, the width of the guide groove shall be 2 3 of the width of the conveyor belt to reduce or avoid the deviation of the conveyor belt, and the baffle can be added to change the falling direction and position of materials.

The running deviation of the conveyor belt not only damages the conveyor belt, but also increases the running resistance of the conveyor belt. Therefore, in the process of installing the conveyor, the machine body must be in a straight line in strict accordance with the requirements of the operating procedures, and the drum and the drum are perpendicular to the longitudinal axis of the conveyor. When making conveyor belt joints, the joints shall be uniform and smooth. In the design, the roller has a certain oblique position to adjust the deviation. In the process of daily maintenance, the inspection and maintenance of the belt transportation line shall be strengthened, and the damaged rolls and other parts shall be replaced in time.

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