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How to easily remove carbon and oil from the chain?

2020-03-24 10:28:42

Let's explain to you that we have some knowledge about this. For this knowledge, what we should know is that the chain has been used for a long time, and carbon and oil are easy to accumulate on the surface, so how to remove it easily?


If there is carbon deposit on the chain, chemical and mechanical methods can be used to remove it without damaging the chain. The former is to soak the chain directly in the prepared chemical solution, wait until the coke is softened and loosened, then take out the parts, wipe them with a brush or cotton wire, and then wash them with hot water. The latter is to use metal brush, blade and other tools to remove the carbon deposit. Although it is simple, it is difficult to completely remove the carbon deposit.


If the chain is not stained with carbon but with oil, it can be removed by organic solvent and alkaline solution, so that the chain can restore a clean surface and good service performance.

As we all know, our chain is composed of many connecting pieces. In use, we found that the damage of many chains is caused by the fracture near the hole of the connecting piece, and before the fracture, there are Omens: tiny cracks around the hole until the fracture.


This phenomenon is called fatigue damage.


The basic way to solve the problem is to reduce the load or replace the chain with large bearing capacity, especially from the beginning when cracks are found. After all, the development speed of cracks is very fast, so we must pay attention to it.

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