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How to deal with the blocking of belt conveyor?

2020-06-10 13:32:33

In the industrial production, the existence of belt conveyor manufacturers is very important. Conveyor Chain can bear the gravity that cannot be touched by human beings, and can also make the work flow become more standard, so as to improve the product quality and production speed. What are the characteristics of Shanghai conveyor? What should be done when blocking occurs? Let's see the introduction below.

Features of belt conveyor:

1: anti winding

Because the shaftless screw conveyor has no interference from the central axis, the materials transported are not easy to be wound, so that the materials can be transported more smoothly and reach a larger conveying volume.

2: environmental protection

As the conveying process is closed, it can ensure that the conveyed materials do not leak or pollute, and the spiral surface is easy to clean.

3: energy saving

Material transportation is very smooth, as long as the low-speed operation, which can reduce energy consumption.

4: high temperature resistance

The material of this conveyor is very special, it can work normally under high temperature, it is economical and durable, and its service life is very long.

5: compact structure

The structure design of the equipment is scientific and reasonable, small and flexible, and can effectively save the occupied space.

Treatment method of blocking material for Shanghai conveyor:

1: adjust the speed

If the rotating speed of the equipment is too fast, it is easy to block the materials. At this time, the problem can be solved by slowing down the rotating speed of the equipment.

2: start without load

In order to ensure the stability and safety of the operation, the load carrying situation cannot occur during the start and stop.

3: feed evenly

When feeding, it is necessary to control the quantity and speed of feeding, so as to achieve continuity and uniformity.

4: improve the discharge port

The discharge port can be lengthened or a rotating blade in the opposite direction can be installed at the end, so as to ensure smooth discharge without blocking.

5: reduce the size of the intermediate bearing

Reduce the transverse dimension of the intermediate bearing, so as to reduce the possibility of material blockage of the bearing.

6: set up anti blocking door

When the materials are piled up, the anti blocking door can be opened to prevent the occurrence of blocking.

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