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How to choose the lubricant for chain drive

2020-11-12 14:43:39

In all walks of life, the chain as a part of mechanical transmission, can realize the role of accurate transmission of power, because of its strong stability, wide adaptability, and convenient maintenance, it has become the main transmission component in the automatic production equipment, and it has special requirements for lubricants in the transmission time. Today, the technical personnel of the manufacturer will introduce how to do this Reasonable selection of lubricants?


When using the chain for transmission, we can't choose the lubricant casually. We should consider the following aspects:


1. Adhesiveness


When the chain is running at high speed, the speed is very fast, and the lubricant is easily thrown off. When running at low speed, the lubricant will drip and be thrown off and drop even when it is affected by gravity. All of the lubricants will be wasted. Therefore, if we choose the lubricant with good adhesion and good adhesion, massage will make the surface of the chain stick on the registered residence.


2. Permeability


For the chain, the roller and sprocket are better lubricated, but the pin shaft and roller are very difficult to lubricate, because the gap between the two is relatively small, if the selected lubricant permeability is not strong, it can not smoothly penetrate into the pin shaft and roller, so we must choose a lubricant with good permeability.


3. Oxidation stability


Generally speaking, the working environment of the chain often needs to be exposed to the air, so when selecting lubricants, it needs to have excellent oxidation stability.


4. Good lubricity


For lubricants, the main role is lubrication, especially the chain in the process of transmission will be affected by different effects, so the lubrication performance of lubricants is relatively high, especially those running in heavy load environment, the lubrication performance of lubricants can not be poor.


In addition to the requirements mentioned above, it is also necessary to note that lubricants should have good resistance to the outside world, with low evaporation and loss rate, and low tendency of carbon deposition.

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