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How to Clean the Conveyor Chain of Mine Machinery

2019-09-20 13:45:30

The use environment of mining machinery conveyor chain  makes the chain easy to be corroded, so regular cleaning should be done. Then how to clean the chain of mining machinery conveyor chain? The following is a detailed introduction.


First of all, do not directly immerse the chain in such strong acidic and alkaline detergents as diesel oil, gasoline, fuel oil, WD-40, deoiling agent, because the inner ring bearing of the chain writes oil with high viscosity. Once washed out, it will make the inner ring dry and astringent. No matter how much low-viscosity chain oil is added afterwards, it will not be helpful.


Secondly, you can choose hot soap water and hand sanitizer. You can take an abandoned toothbrush or a harder brush, and rinse it directly with water. The cleaning effect is not very good, and you need to dry it after cleaning, otherwise it will rust.


Moreover, special chain cleaners are usually imported products, which have good cleaning effect and smooth effect.


Then metal powder, find a bigger container, take a spoon and flush it with boiling water, remove the chain and put it in the water and clean it with a harder brush. Strength: It is easy to clean the grease on the chain, and usually does not clean the butter in the inner ring. It is not irritating and does not hurt hands. It is often used by the mechanics to wash hands. It is very safe. Bigger hardware stores are available.


Cleaning the conveyor chain of mining machinery can be operated through the above way, which can clean and protect the chain at the same time.


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