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High temperature working How is the structure of the conveyor chain formed

2019-11-22 14:58:30

For the development of the conveyor chain structure and the demand of the conveyor chain, there are differences between pulley and chain, non-standard chain. The realization of the conveyor chain function: carrying goods, meshing with the drive chain wheel, supporting the wear and elongation of track and small chain.


With the development of chain and chain conveyor, they complement each other. It is necessary for workers to understand the development of conveyor chain to design and apply the chain conveyor 1. The development of chain structure can be realized in many ways. Transport chain structure to promote development. These include:


Load transportation mode, chain plate load; B, chain roller bearing


2. On the track


Slide on track, chain plate; B chain roller on track; C chain accessories on track


3. Engagement method of chain and driven sprocket


With sprocket, chain plate mesh. B. the roller (or socket) is engaged with the sprocket.


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