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Four points for attention of non-standard chain surface painting

2019-11-29 10:09:16

1. The derusted surface of non-standard chain shall be painted with primer immediately. When painting, it shall be carried out in a clean place. The ambient temperature shall be above 5 ℃, the humidity shall be below 85%, and the surface temperature of the workpiece shall not exceed 60 ℃;


2. If there is no special requirement for each part, one coat of primer (excluding maintenance primer) and two coats of finish shall be applied. No paint leakage is allowed. The color of each coat of paint shall be different. The dry film thickness of each coat of paint shall be 25-35um, and the total dry film thickness of paint shall not be less than 75um;


The smooth roller of non-standard chain and the working surface of supporting roller can only be coated with one layer of antirust paint or finish paint, and the inner wall of supporting roller shall be coated with fat rust paint.


The exposed processing mating surface shall be coated with protective Pu grease, and the exposed processing non mating surface (excluding frame body) shall be coated with top coat or primer, with a dry film thickness of at least 35 feet;


3. After installation and commissioning, the top coat shall be applied again, and the damaged parts during transportation and installation shall be repaired before painting;


4. The coating of non-standard chain primer and intermediate coat shall be free of pinholes, bubbles, cracks, peeling, sagging, missing coating and other defects; the finish coat shall be uniform, bright and complete.

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