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Five characteristics of chain industry?

2019-08-16 14:41:00

As we all know, the chain industry is a discrete manufacturing industry. Its mode of production is to process raw materials into parts, and then assemble them into finished products. Its main characteristics are as follows:



1. With the rapid development of globalization and informationization of industrial production, the demand for individualized customers is gradually increasing, and the variety of products is becoming more and more diverse. At the same time, the market demand is changing rapidly, the difficulty of forecasting is increasing, and it is difficult to continue to exist. It is difficult to provide a reliable basis for rational production arrangement.



2. The structure of chain products is relatively complex. They are usually assembled by rollers, sleeves, pins, chain boards and other parts. However, those non-standard chains may consist of more than seven or eight parts, but as many as dozens of parts. These parts are limited by processing capacity and equipment, some of which need to be purchased and processed by outsourcing, and some of which need to be processed by outsourcing. The calculation and arrangement of production plan are very complicated because of the self-made processing and the frequent change of production process. At present, with the increase of orders, in the case of certain manufacturing capacity, some large customers urgently need orders with temporary insertion, the flexibility and seriousness of production planning is difficult to take into account, and production planning is often difficult to play a role in guiding production.



3. Because of the uncertainty of production plan and the lack of grasp of the real-time situation of inventory materials, it often leads to the stagnation of inventory materials and the lack of parts needed for production, and the phenomenon of incompatibility coexists. This is why, on the one hand, the manufacturing costs calculated by the financial department have increased substantially, on the other hand, the output value has not gone up.



4. Because the processing process of each part of the chain is controlled by different processes and processes, the production capacity of each process is usually unbalanced, the processing difficulty is large or small, the completion time of semi-finished products is long or short, the barrel effect is easy to appear in production, and the production is restricted by the key bottleneck resources, often a zero. The failure of the parts will affect the completion and delivery of the whole contract on time.



4. It is necessary to process some of the external parts by the external manufacturers. Because of the variety, quantity and complexity, some processes are relatively complex. For example, some parts are processed by one external manufacturers, and the next process is processed by another or several external manufacturers. Thus, it is very difficult to track and control the quality and delivery date of the external products. Difficult, although this phenomenon has improved with the introduction of the concept of "first management" in which suppliers are included in managerial controllability, it can not be very optimistic.


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