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Common Faults and Solutions of Plate Chain

2019-08-30 15:53:41

1. The initial tension is too small.


The tension of the conveyor belt away from the drum is not enough, which causes the conveyor belt to slip. This usually happens when the plate chain is started. The solution is to adjust the tension device and increase the initial tension.


2. Slipping due to insufficient friction between driving drum and conveyor belt


The reason of plate chain is mostly water or humidity on conveyor belt. The solution is to add some rosin powder to the drum. However, we should pay attention not to use hand, plate chain conveyor belt and the application of blast equipment to blow in, in order to avoid personal accidents.


How to judge whether the plate chain needs to be replaced:


First of all, the operator should be clear that the allowable wear value of plate chain is limited. Generally speaking, it can not be higher than 10% of the diameter of ring chain bar.


Secondly, to see the degree of distortion of the main ring of the slab chain, if it is greater than 10 degrees, it will be scrapped. Of course, this should start from the plane on which the main ring is not bent. If the suspension chain of plate chain is used for a long time, cracks and bending will occur. If it can not be removed after elimination, it can not be used again, which is regarded as scrap.


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