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Cause Analysis of Small Problem in Conveyor Chain

2019-10-08 10:26:43

In the process of using the conveyor chain, there will also be some minor problems, so what are the main causes of these problems, depending on the specific problems. Here are some common problems. Let's analyze them.


Abrasion and cracking are common in the application of conveyor chains. Usually, the chains show more abrasion. Wear is usually due to long-term use of the chain, improper operation in the process of operation, the use of steel chain information is residual, etc.


The slight wear and tear of the conveying chain will not cause great harm to the chain. It is not necessary to replace the chain. The chain can be reversed so that the worn side faces the sprocket. If both sides of the chain are worn out, it can only be replaced.


In addition to wear and tear, conveyor chains often crack. Cracking usually occurs when the chain is not properly used. For example, if the chain is loaded with excessive material and exceeds the load of the chain, the chain will crack. In addition, in the process of application, the chain is constantly working, so that the chain can not rest, the chain will crack.


For these small problems of the conveyor chain, if not very serious, it does not matter, if there is a risk affecting the operation, or to replace the insurance.


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