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Acid pickling method for rust removal of paver chain

2020-07-22 17:01:44

Paver chain as a commonly used transport equipment, often in a humid environment, or encounter other corrosive liquids, etc., so the paver chain will be more or less rusty after a long time. When there are rust spots on the paver chain, they must be treated in time, otherwise the service life of the paver chain will be affected to some extent


The use of acid pickling paste is a common method to remove the rust spots of the paver chain. It can greatly improve the surface finish of the paver chain and form a passivation film on the surface of the chain. As a result, the service life of the paver chain is also prolonged. This method is suitable for chemical machinery, food machinery, printing and dyeing machinery, pharmaceutical machinery, pressure vessel manufacturing and other industries.


The operation of using acid pickling paste is also simple. First, we will apply our pickling paste on the surface of the paver chain. At this time, we control the coating thickness between 0.5-2mm and the time is controlled at more than 3-10 minutes. If the temperature is low, in winter, or when it is used at the place below 0 ℃ or oxide skin thickness, the time can be appropriately extended. In the process of this treatment, it is recommended to brush several times more. After the oxide scale on the surface of the paver chain is completely removed, clean the chain of the paver with clean water or lime water or alkaline water, so as to avoid rust.

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