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What kind of chain does the conveyor chain refer to

2019-11-04 11:13:33

We should pay special attention to the selection of the transportation chain, and we should take all aspects into consideration. The most important thing is to transport the raw materials of the chain. The principle is to meet the high surface hardness, wear resistance, plasticity at both ends, fatigue strength and other aspects, so as to meet the needs of practical use. These can only be determined through scientific calculation and experimental analysis.

Generally speaking, if the shear stress and the kneading stress at both ends of the transport chain are not very large, the requirements of the transport chain can be met by using low-carbon steel and low-carbon alloy steel. The transport chain may not be able to bear the stress at the hinge of the chain. In order to reduce the wear degree of the central part of the transport chain, the hinge surface of the transport chain must be strengthened, so that its hardness and wear resistance will be improved.


As we all know, the operation of the transport chain can never be without the existence of a smooth agent. The smooth agent is also the permanent theme of the transport chain double row chain. A good smooth can not only make the chain work more efficient but also extend its service life. At the same time, stainless steel chain has requirements for the smooth agent. What are the requirements of stainless steel chain for the lubricator?


First of all, the smooth agent must have adhesion; in fact, not only the transport chain, even the general chain in operation, because of the effect of high-speed driving, the smooth oil is very simple to be thrown off. And the oil will drip at low speed due to the effect of gravity. Therefore, the smooth agent without good adhesiveness will simply fall and pollute the environment, etc., and the falling smooth agent is also unsanitary, not easy to clean, and will form a lot of waste, which is not conducive to echo the health theme of low-carbon environmental protection. Therefore, it is required that the smooth oil of the transport chain has outstanding adhesion, which can be firmly adhered to the friction surface without falling due to various effects.