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Transmission Chain Different From Conveyor Chain

2019-03-15 15:58:49

There are many kinds of chains. According to their detail functions, chains could be divided into two types, they are transmission chains and conveyor chains. These two types have many differences. Conveyor chains are more slowly than transmission chains. That is the most obvious difference. Conveyor chains are used to conveying chains.

In order to reach some special requirements, the weight of conveyor chains could not upon the range that on the rule. At the same time, it should form a certain proportional relationship with loading .The chains must have good resistance. Because conveyor chains are always equipped with small number of sprocket.

Besides conveyor chains must be reliable and in good impact resistance and high temperature resistance. Short pitch precision roller chain has most representative. Their pitch increasing as integer and they have various pitch forms. While debris will not be blocking. In fact, it is very important in coating chains. A lot of products is processed by actual application. So as chain and the chain wheel. But sometimes the product would be put on the bad environment. You had better do some coating for the chain. That is favor of working in future.