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The chain engages the sprocket

2019-03-15 16:02:22

From the center of each roller of a new chain to the center of the next is precisely 1/2" (12.7 mm). This dimension is known as the "pitch" of the chain. The diameter of the sprocket is determined by the pitch and the number of teeth. The pitch circle (actually, a polygon with sides 1/2" long) is where the rollers sit if they are all at the same distance from the center of the sprocket. The sprocket teeth are made so that rear face of each one at the pitch circle is 1/2" from the next. Each roller is free to engage and disengage, despite tension, because the next link ahead of the sprocket is pulling in a straight line away from a tooth which is tilted away from it.The distance between sprocket teeth increases from their bottoms to their tops. The rollers can rise up the backs of the teeth only until the distance between the teeth approaches the pitch of the chain. Even though the profile of the teeth allows them freely to engage and disengage, tension on the chain traps it behind the teeth.

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