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Species Of Industrial Chain

2019-03-15 15:56:47

There are various species of industrial chains. With their application, they could be divided into four types. They are transmission chain, conveyor chain, drag chain and special chain. Such as bush chains, tooth transmission chain, casting and stamping hook chain, hanging convey chain, lifting plate chain, ring chain, stainless steel chain, corrosion resistant chain, plastic chain, powder metallurgy chain, variable speed chain, anti-skid chain and so on.

Certainly each industrial chain need to be maintenance carefully. The old industrial chain can not be used mix with any new industrial chain. Otherwise it is easy to cause shock during the transmission. At the same time, the chain may be pulled off.

As we all known, all industrial chains need to add lubricating oil  regularly. While the lubricating oil must enter into the gap between roller and the inner sleeve. That could improve working conditions and reduce wear. In our daily work, we often get a too long new industrial chain. At this time, you don’t worry. We can remove several links according the actual situation. But the number of links must be even numbers. If the chain has been worn seriously, you need to change with a new sprocket and chain. Only change a new chain or a new sprocket could not ensure good mesh and even make the new one worn more seriously.